Ascentii for Small Business

We understand small business.

In the world of small business, much more so than in large corporations, a wrong hiring decision or the failure to get maximum engagement and productivity from employees can be especially devastating.

From a resource and time lost perspective, nothing can be more daunting that having to create a job description, find somewhere to post it to attract the right target audience, pour over hundreds of resumes, schedule and conduct interviews, make that hiring decision and then keep your fingers crossed while you live with the consequences. Whether your small business is a landscaping company, restaurant, dental office or accounting firm, the need to get it right the first time is no less important. Our tools remove the burden and anxiety of hiring while giving you results that will help you enhance and grow your business.
Now you can use Ascentii’s TalentTools™ to take what would normally be weeks of effort and reduce them to a few hours – all while increasing the quality of new hires – and before opening a single resume. Hiring people who are a great fit for a particular job, engaged and productive contributes to making your business more profitable. Don’t take our word for it – look at our testimonials and endorsements, many of them come from businesses just like yours.

You can have your RoleFit Survey™ up and running in about 5 minutes, it’s easy to use, more than 87% accurate more than 95% of the time, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliant and legally defensible.

Don’t let the deluge of resumes bottleneck your ability to make good business decisions quickly.

Click on Getting Started to learn how to maximize your effectiveness and efficiency in hiring for your small business.

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