Why Literacy and Language Testing?

While its never really been true, at one time some people may have thought that most of the smart people in IT came out of Silicon Valley and most business leaders were made in Ivy League schools…not any more.

In our global economy talent comes from everywhere, and for some, literacy and language testing provides candid insight as to how well and how quickly they will transition into a new organization, minimize their time to competence and provide faster ROI to their new employer.

Anyone involved in recruitment will have seen many resumes where candidates describe themselves as being fluent in a particular language, or being bilingual/multi-lingual. But just how does a recruiter measure the accuracy of this statement? By integrating our on-demand, web-enabled Bright Literacy and Language Tests into the recruitment process, in the
same way as psychometric tests or IT tests are used, recruiters can optimize the time spent conducting targeted interviews. The applicant’s language test scores can be consulted immediately after the test is taken. Our free trials make believers out of Recruiters and Hiring Managers alike.

Bright Literacy and Language tests are used in over 180 countries, available exclusively online and allow organizations to assess the literacy and linguistic competencies of their candidates and workforce in the following languages: Canadian English, Canadian French, US English, UK English, Parisian French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish and Standard Mandarin.

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