Free Trial, One Job, Unlimited Applications...

Here's the scenario:
  1. You are an Independent, Agency or Corporate Recruiter, it’s 5:00PM and one of the jobs you have advertised for the last two weeks just expired (Pssst...This works for ANY Job);

  2. Using the RoleFit Survey™ (RFS®) you will now Screen and Rank Order ALL applicants for this job within 1 minute;

  3. The RFS® is a cloud-based solution that has been statistically validated by an independent 3rd party, is reliable, EEO Compliant and legally defensible;

  4. The RFS® is built upon a 54 Factor Competency Model with each competency rated on a 100 point proficiency scale;
  1. The RFS® has been used to analyze 1,200+ roles/jobs - a unique job competency profile has been established for each job;

  2. Each applicant’s unique competency profile is compared to the unique job competency profile for the job for which they are applying and is identified by The RoleFit Index™ (RFI®); a statistically accurate measure of how successful that applicant will be in that specific job, on a consistent day-to-day basis;

  3. By 5:01PM you will have used the RFS® to Screen and Rank order an unlimited number of job applicants for any job and produce your competency-based short-list. Within 30 minutes of the job posting expiration you can send your short-listed applicants and their resumes to Hiring Managers for evaluation… AND schedule a meeting with the Hiring Manager for 8:30 tomorrow morning to review the results; Ascentii makes it easy, accurate, fast and cost-effective;

  4. You can even use the output report as a tool for probing Critical Behavior Interview questions.

...With a war on for talent, what’s your competition doing?

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