Using The RoleFit Survey™ For Early Leadership Identification

Leadership can mean many things to many people. At Ascentii, leadership competence is something that an individual can be born with AND it can also be something that can be learned and developed over time.

Leadership is an evolving and dynamic aspect of personal and professional growth and when born qualities meet learning opportunities, individuals can fast-track their leadership competency. When this happens it energizes the employee; at which time both the employee and their organization obtain significant benefit. The RoleFit Survey™ (RFS®) can be used to identify employees that are pre-disposed to managerial and leadership responsibilities.

The RFS® can be used, much as a Swiss pocket knife, to identify employees that are good candidates for management and leadership roles. When the RoleFit Survey – Organizational Effectiveness™ (RFS-OS®) capability is used, Employees can be compared to 1,200+ roles within the Master Job Inventory. The comparison is divided into two categories; Job Families and the specific Jobs within each Job Family.

Some illustrated examples of questions the RFS-OE® can raise and address in identifying the wellness of fit between specific employees and leadership roles can be seen as follows:
  1. What potential does a specific Market Research Analyst have to excel in the role of a Marketing Manager?

  2. How easy would it be for a specific Clinical Nurse Specialist to successfully transition into the role of Hospital Administrator? What training would be required for that employee to successfully make that transition?

  3. What is the probability of success for a specific IT Team Lead to make the transition to the role of Project Manager?

How would you like to get the answer to these questions and more – with the click of a mouse?

The RFS-OE® is a powerful decision support tool – one tool, multiple uses, incredible benefits.

To get valid, reliable and fast decision support for your leadership initiatives, Contact Us today.

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