Overview of Sample Reports

One of the elegantly simple aspects of The RoleFit Survey™ is that it produces only 3 reports. However, like a Swiss pocket knife or a TV remote control, those 3 reports provide fast, accurate and reliable decision support tools to resolve a variety of employee and organizational dilemmas.

How is it that one tool can do so much? It’s simple. Think of it as a single tool that will help you make several good decisions quickly. Think of all of the personal and organizational “people issues” that come up every day. Now, think of going home and watching TV. Do you have a separate TV for every channel you receive?... probably not. Now, think of The RoleFit Survey™ as the remote control for your TV, it can be used to show you only the specific information you want to see at a specific moment in time… the same tool, different views… it’s that simple.

The three reports generated by The RoleFit Survey™ are:

  1. The 2-page Comparative Report: The first page of this report compares the individual’s unique personal competency profile to the top 10 competencies (in each of two categories) that are unique to a specific job. It presents that information numerically and visually (like a traffic light; green, yellow and red). The second page of this report provides a job overview and the top 10 competencies (prioritized, essential to success and specific to the job) in three areas: i) The Summary of Key Tasks, ii) The Working Styles, and iii) The Personal Skills.

  2. The Vault Report: This report typically ranges from 25 – 30 pages and is a very comprehensive. It is an essential report for providing Recruiters, HR, Hiring Managers, Training & Development professionals, OD practitioners and Career Counselors a much more in-depth representation of the individual. A detailed breakout of 5 SuperTraits and all 54 competencies.

  3. The Organizational Effectiveness/Career Guidance (OE/CG) Report: Typically 10 – 12 pages, this report compares an individual’s unique personal competency profile to the unique job competency profiles for every one of the 850+ jobs in our Master Job Inventory and rank orders them from high to low. Organized firstly by Job Family and secondly by Job, individuals are able to quickly have concrete discovery and validation of which jobs are the best fit for them. This report is not included in the Recruiting module, only the Organizational Effectiveness modules and applications.

For more information on how to interpret and use these reports, Contact Us.

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