Applicant Screening & Rank Ordering

  1. What would be the value to your organization, in time and cost, if you were able to generate a competency-based rank ordered short-list of job applicants for ANY job within 1 minute of a job competition closing?

  2. Again, thinking about time and cost, how advantageous would it be to your organization if that competency-based short-list of job applicants was able to accurately predict, with >87% Accuracy and >95% Reliability, whether an applicant was going to be successful in a specific job doing specific tasks on a day-to-day basis?

  3. What if you were able to export a short, 2-page competency assessment report and the resumes of only the short-listed applicants to Hiring Managers within 30 minutes of a job competition closing?
  1. What if that competency-based rank ordered list of applicants could be used in conjunction with ANY Resume Databases or Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

  2. What if the cost to use this system was only pennies per applicant?

  3. What if the same tool provided you with similar capability to manage and automate your employees and workforce management process to optimize productivity & profitability?

With Ascentii’s RoleFit Survey™... Now You Can.
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