Sample Job Posting

The RFS® includes 1,200+ competency-based job outlines that can be quickly and easily converted to job descriptions specific to your organization. Each competency-based job outlines includes a prioritized list of the Top 10 Job Attributes:
  • Key Tasks
  • Skills
  • Styles
This information can be easily copied and pasted into an electronic job posting form on the “Careers” page on your website, any ATS and on any electronic job board, saving you time and resources.

We suggest electronic job postings follow a specific format for maximum exposure and readability. You can see the general format we suggest in the “chunked-down” format view below.

Job Title
Name of Your Organization
Job Title/Job Location/Date of Posting/# of Positions
  1. Explanation of the Application Process

  2. Background / Profile of Your Organization

  3. Re-statement of the Job Title

  4. Detailed Job Outline Copied & Pasted from the RoleFit Survey™

  5. Additional and Specific Information / Requirements Applicants Must Provide and/or Meet

  6. A Re-statement of the Explanation of the Application Process

To see a specific example with greater detail, click HERE.

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