Catalog of Jobs & Descriptions

Using our 54 Factor Competency Model, Ascentii has analyzed 1,200+ jobs; each job has its own unique Job Competency Profile for assessing applicants and employees.

The 1,200+ jobs in the Master Job Repository contains two categories:
  1. Job Families
  2. Jobs
An example of a Job Family would be “Business and Financial Operations”. Examples of Jobs within the Business and Financial Operations Job Family would be Financial Analysts, Insurance Adjusters, Examiners and Investigators and Training & Development Specialists.

To see how this works, click HERE to review a subset (~900 jobs) of the job titles in our Master Job Repository. As indicated at the top of the screen, use the CTRL F Function on your keyboard to search for specific jobs by using all or a part of the job name.

If you determine a job you are searching for is not included in our Master Job Repository of 1,200+ jobs and would like to use The RoleFit Survey™ to screen and rank order applicants for that job, all you have to do is Contact Us, send us a detailed job description and some contextual requirements for the job, e.g., educational requirements, years of relevant work experience, etc., and typically within 72 hours of receiving your information our Consultants will analyze the job using our 54 Factor Competency Model, create a unique job competency profile for that job and post it in the your Admin Control Panel so you can use for recruiting or organizational effectiveness purposes. Note: Depending on the number of job analyses requested, charges may apply. Contact Us for more information.

If you would like to review the Job Titles and see the detailed Job Outline for each job, click HERE.

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