How it Works

The RoleFit Survey™ enables organizations to attract applicants from anywhere, e.g., electronic job boards, the Career page on their own website, etc., and within 1 minute of a job competition closing, create a competency-based rank ordered list of all applicants for any job. We start by engaging applicants/employees in a short, high-value, low cost, online, competency-based, assessment. The RFS® compares an applicant’s/employee’s unique 54 Factor Competency Profile to the unique Job Competency Profile of the specific job for which they are being assessed – with over 1,200 competency-based jobs for recruiters to choose from; each job has its own unique Job Competency Profile. Now recruiters can surgically target a handful of specific, high-potential applicants on demand, instead of launching long and reiterative Boolean word searches through thousands of resumes.

Whether you are a Small to Medium-size Business or a Fortune 100, businesses and organizations of all size constantly struggle with hiring decisions and keeping the right employees and contractors. Why let the deluge of resumes restrain your ability to make better hiring decisions faster. The status quo uses Boolean word searches to search through large databases of resumes – and research has proven that more than 45% of all resumes contain false data and misrepresentation. Why waste time using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to search through false data – it only provides you with bad information faster. Employees typically tend to be hired for 3 reasons and terminated for up to 10 different reasons. Our approach is to use the science of behavioral psychology to compare applicants and employees against the reasons why they could be terminated in a specific job, thereby being able to accurately predict their success. We have analyzed 1,200+ jobs and know exactly what to look for in job applicants and employees; its >87% accurate more than 95% of the time, it’s easy to use and extremely cost-effective – we guarantee a 100% Return on Investment in less than 6 months. Let us put that research to work for you today.

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