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"Ascentii assessments have streamlined and revolutionized my recruitment business. I feel that I am now presenting the best and most qualified job applicants to my corporate clients. This tool has given me the competitive advantage and the client care I have been looking for. Thanks Ascentii for saving me time, money, and energy in my recruitment process. I will be a client of yours for life!"

Julia Cordray, Founder and Recruiting Director, Career Fox Inc., Calgary, Canada

“Ascentii's RoleFit Survey Screening Tool saved me a tremendous amount of time during the hiring process. I posted the job and provided the Ascentii link for the assessment in my job ad. Candidates sent in their resumes and completed the assessment. When the job closed I instantly had a rank-ordered list of the best-fit candidates. Interviews were then scheduled with only those who were most eligible.

Ascentii's services were easy to use and very cost-effective and I highly recommend it for small businesses strapped for time and lacking HR staff.”

Debra Scott, President & CEO, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, Toronto, Canada

"We started cautiously by trying The RoleFit Survey™ on small projects and comparing it to our previous personality profile screening tools - we have now moved exclusively to Ascentii’s competency-based RoleFit Survey™. Like any business change, we tried it first then moved slowly to build confidence, even when the statistics and objective facts clearly told us it is better. Those who are unsure as to whether to change to The RoleFit Survey™ should learn from our experience – start now, try it and it will quickly prove its value to you – you won't be disappointed.”

Wayne Percy, Senior Search Partner, Derhak Ireland Executive Search, Toronto, Canada

“We have reviewed several products that we can aggregate into our product portfolio. Ascentii's RoleFit Survey Screening Tool dovetails nicely because of its broad application. Our client base of individuals, businesses, non-profits and education will benefit greatly from the Ascentii tool. It’s well engineered, intelligently smooth, competitively priced, and produces a streamlined outcome that adds tremendous value while removing the burden to the end-user; a product I’m proud to endorse.”

Vic Cauchi, President & CEO, Vengeo, Toronto, Canada

"Our consultant, Dr. Rita Maselli, introduced The Role Fit Survey® – Workplace to us. We first used it to hire an HR professional and then some manufacturing and mechanical engineers. We are so pleased with the results. The survey reports gave us detailed information about the candidates and their fit for the positions. As a result our hiring interviews have become more focused and productive; the RFS identifies for us exactly what we need to validate. We plan to use the RFS as part of our hiring process from now on."

Engineer Maged Mickael, Managing Director/Chairman, El Massalla Company for Industrial Cables & Accessories (EMICA), Cairo, Egypt

"The Ascentii Role Fit Survey™ is new to Egypt, but we foresee a great future for it here. As a Strategic Alliance Partner of Ascentii (A Division of EPIC Software Corporation), Rita Maselli & Associates represents the Role Fit Survey™ in Egypt. As a respected HR and management consultancy, we have begun using it with our clients to help them with recruitment, training needs assessment, talent identification and career guidance in a number of diverse sectors: retail, banking, manufacturing, agricultural exports, and not-for-profits.

… It is user-friendly: online, easy to read, takes applicants and employees only about 12 minutes to complete, with a simple-to-read report.

… It is unique: not the usual generic tool but one that evaluates a candidate’s fit against a specific competency-based profile for a specific job/position.

That’s the big difference: critical, job-focused, competency-based information instead of general personality traits."

Rita Maselli, PhD., Managing Director, RitaMaselli& Associates, Cairo, Egypt

“Finally, a product that effectively targets and services the under-served markets that deserve the most attention. We represent several international companies in the UAE and The Middle East and have found Ascentii’s RoleFit Survey™ to be a valuable addition to our portfolio. Their research and development, product placement and unwavering support have provided us the requisite impetus to spread the word. We have found their interest in making a difference and creating value for their clients engaging. Wishing Ascentii all the best in their endeavors and looking forward to participating in their future expansion plans.”

Uzair Hassan, CEO, 3H Solutions Group, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Ascentii’s RoleFit Survey is truly cutting edge technology in Recruitment. As an employer receiving hundreds of job applicants' resumes, I used to get overwhelmed and was unaware of an applicant’s real potential based on a piece of paper. I am impressed by Ascentii’s detailed reports, the accuracy of the applicants’ profile and the speed with which The RoleFit Survey completes the competency-based rank ordering of applicants. Ascentii has dramatically reduced the amount of effort required to hire and acquire real talent for my organization to prosper. The RFS is economical and can be used by anyone; I'm confident new users won't be disappointed in the quality and accuracy of the service."

Anna Nguyen, Manager of Marketing & Business Development, Vengeo, Toronto, Canada

“Our first experience using The RoleFit Survey™ for recruiting was to hire a highly qualified administrative assistant to the CEO. Our criteria, we believe, was very selective. In comparison to other assessment tools, we were technically impressed with the detailed results of The RoleFit Survey™ and how it identified the applicant’s natural energy, soft skills and competence capacity. No matter how successfully the interview is conducted or how many times the applicant is interviewed, unless you use The RoleFit Survey™ you will not be able to discover/explore or grade such competencies; not just general skills but skills specific to the job for which you are interviewing.”

Samy Sobhy, Human Resources Director, BAVARIA (EGYPT), Cairo, Egypt

"I have hired the newest Dirt Girl! Thank you for the wonderful RoleFit Survey, which made a huge difference in my hiring process. She was one of the first candidates who completed the online quiz and her score clearly put her on my short list to interview. As a small business owner, this was a welcome support that simplified my decision-making. I truly enjoyed working with Ascentii and look forward to the next opportunity!"

Ann Todt, Owner, Dirt Girl Landscaping, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

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